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Frequently Encountered Problems With Brake Pads

Mar. 13, 2019

Automotive Brake Pads are important components in automotive brake systems. They are related to safety issues, so be careful when purchasing and using them. Many owners will have a lot of doubts during the process of use. Below is the CHEVROLET Auto Brake Pad Factory to answer your questions.

1. Is the ceramic fiber added to the formula a ceramic formula?

No. Ceramic fiber is only one of the commonly used fibers for brake pads, as well as metal fiber, mineral fiber, wood fiber, aramid fiber, etc. Their function is to connect various fillers, just like when adding rural mud walls. Straw is the same.

2. What is the noise of the brake pads?

The noise is mainly the frequency resonance. If the natural frequencies of the two materials or components are the same, resonance is easy. The brake pad alone solves the noise is very simple, the service life is simple to solve alone, and it is very simple to solve the disc alone. There are many factors in the noise generation. The whole brake assembly system is the cause of noise. The improper selection of the brake disc and the serious wear of the disc will cause noise. In many cases, everyone has wronged the brake pads.

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3. If the metal content is too hard, it will be harder.

wrong. Many of these statements are the auto repair factory's statement and are not scientific. The main car in the US car is mainly a semi-metal formula, which contains a lot of metal. Have you heard a lot of noise? Noise is not directly related to hard and soft. The grinding disc and noise only indicate that the product formula is not mature, and has nothing to do with the metal.

In fact, the metal material is mainly used to connect filler and heat conduction in the formulation. At the same time, their hardness and disc are not much different, and will not cause great wear on the disc. The real grinding disc and the increase of braking capacity are not for you. These metals, but the abrasive fillers that you can't see are harder than the brake discs, they are actually emery, and they are similar materials to your common sandpaper and grinding wheels.

4. Why are some grooves on the plate ground? Is the brake pad very hard?

The hardness of the brake pads is standard, basically between 35 and 70. This hardness is not the main cause of wear on your brake discs. The grinding agent in the brake pads is the main component of the wear plate. The soft and hard brake pads are not the cause of the serious wear of the disc. The culprit is the low-cost grinding agent.

The above are the problems that the owner often encounters when using the brake pads. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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