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What Are The Basic Characteristics Of Friction Materials?

Jun. 10, 2019

The Friction material is a general term for a class of materials and components that transmit or eliminate kinetic energy. What is the most basic characteristic of it? As a PORSCHE Disc Brake Pad Factory, we will share it with you.

1. The friction material should have a suitable friction coefficient μ to maintain stable performance during long-term use. A friction material with a friction coefficient μ that is too small for braking can cause the braking distance and time to be too long to achieve the purpose of braking; for transmission, the clutch will slip and the torque cannot be transmitted. Friction material with excessive friction coefficient μ is used for braking, which is easy to cause the wheel to lock when braking, resulting in out of control tail. For transmission, it will lose the protection function that soft friction clutch should have.

2. Wear resistance is good, do not scratch the dual. Although the friction material is a wearing part, it plays a role in protecting the brake or transmission. However, it requires a certain degree of wear resistance. The service life is as long as possible. Scratches, corrosion, and adhesion are both caused by braking or transmission. Shock and instability.

TOYOTA Disc Brake Pad

3. Appropriate physical and mechanical strength. Meet the strength requirements during use, not to fall corners, cracks, fragments, and breakage.

4. There should be no noise during use, which is comfortable and does not pollute the environment. Comfort is a direct manifestation of the properties of friction materials. With the improvement of people's living standards, comfort is becoming an important indicator of friction materials under the basic premise of meeting safety.

5. The thermal expansion should be small. The thermal expansion causes the gap between the friction material and the friction pair to be too small, causing drag and tear, damaging the brake and the transmission.

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