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The Difference Between Ceramic Brake Pads And Ordinary Brake Pads

Nov. 19, 2018

Brake pads are very important safety parts in the car. The brake effect is the decisive role of the brake pads. At present, the brake pads on the auto parts market are mainly ordinary brake pads and Ceramic Disc Brake Pad. Many owners have doubts about this. What is the difference between ceramic brake pads and ordinary ones? The following IFK Brake Pad manufacturers answer for you.

First of all, from the material point of view: ceramic brake pads are made of ceramic materials, while ordinary brake pads are made of Semi-metallic Disc Brake Pad and less metal materials.

Secondly, from the nature characteristics: ceramic is a kind of material with high temperature resistance and good thermal stability, so the brake capacity of ceramic brake pads is relatively strong, and the dual wear is small; the ordinary brake pads have low temperature resistance and are easy to rust. The material is hard and easy to break, causing abnormal noise in the brake disc and comfortableness.

Secondly, the price is: ordinary brake pads ranging from tens to hundreds, the price is moderate; ceramic brake pads are more than a few hundred dollars, when buying, we must look at the brand quality, etc., the price is higher, but the quality is guaranteed .

The end is the applicable model: ordinary brake pads are suitable for most vehicles, ceramic brake pads are suitable for medium and high-end models, as well as more cars and riders.

In addition, the thermal decay of ordinary brake pads is slower than that of ceramic brake pads, which tends to cause the brake distance to be longer under high-speed driving or long downhill conditions. In terms of finishing, ceramic brake pads perform better than ordinary brake pads, but The price is not cheap.

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