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Don't Worry About High Speed On New Brake Pads

Nov. 02, 2018

The Car Brake Pad is a vulnerable part of the brake system of the car. Therefore, the brake pad needs to be replaced after it has been damaged to a certain extent. However, it is dangerous to replace the new brake pad with a high speed. This is very dangerous. After the running-in, the braking effect is good. The following leopard tells you how the new brake pads will run in.

The brake pads are divided into disc brakes and drum brakes. The materials usually include resin brake pads, powder metallurgy brake pads, carbon composite brake pads, and Ceramic Disc Brake Pad. The brake pads and brake discs will wear out after a period of application, and there will be a lot of unevenness on the contact surfaces of the two. The brake discs and brake pads are so tightly contacted that the contact is somewhat similar to the bite in the middle of the gear. At this time, the contact area between the brake pad and the brake disc is always maintained, and the braking performance is also strong. Under normal circumstances, the new brake pads need to run for 200 kilometers to achieve good braking results, so vehicles that have just replaced the new brake pads must be cautious. Under the premise of normal driving, the brake pads should be tested once every 5,000 km. The content includes not only the thickness, but also the loss of the brake pads. For example, the degree of loss on both sides is the same, whether the return is free or not, and abnormalities are found. The situation must be disposed of immediately.

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