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Can the Brake Pads Be "burned"?

Jul. 30, 2019

Car Brake Pad Factory found that the brakes should be one of the most frequently used functions in our daily use. However, brake pads as mechanical parts, more or less we will encounter such problems, such as squeaking, shaking, odor, smoke, etc. But some people say, "My brake pads are burnt." Is it strange? This is the so-called brake pad "carbonization"! What is the brake pad "carbonization"?

The friction component of the brake pad is die-cast by the high-temperature reaction from various metal fibers, organic materials, resin fibers, and a binder. Car brakes are made by friction between the brake pads and the brake discs, and friction will inevitably generate heat.

AUDI Disc Brake Pad

When this temperature reaches a certain value, we will find that the brakes emit smoke and are accompanied by a pungent smell like plastic scorching. When the temperature exceeds the critical point of the high temperature of the brake pad, the brake pad contains hydrogen and oxygen in the carbonaceous organic matter such as phenolic resin, styrene-butadiene rubber, stearic acid, etc., which are taken out as water molecules, and finally, only a small amount of phosphorus is left. A mixture of carbon such as silicon! So it looks grayish-black after carbonization. In other words, it is "burnt".

The consequences of the "carbonization" of the brake pads:

1. With the carbonization of the brake pads, the friction material of the brake pads will become powdery and fall quickly until it is completely burnt, and the braking effect is gradually weakened;

2. The brake disc is oxidized at high temperature (that is, our common brake pads are blue-violet). After deformation, it will cause vibration and abnormal noise at the rear of the car when high-speed braking occurs.

3. The high temperature causes the brake cylinder seal to deform, and the brake oil temperature rises. In severe cases, the brake cylinder can be damaged and the brake cannot be braked.

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