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What Is The Reason Why The Car Brake Pad Is Not Flexible?

Nov. 06, 2018

How long does it take to replace the Car Brake Pad? Deciding this time is the driver's habit of driving, but there are often drivers of minivans saying that the brakes are not good and not flexible. What is the reason? Below IFK to help you answer.

1. Whether the brake fluid is within the valid range.

In the manuals of many minivans, it is required to change the brake fluid regularly. This requirement of the manufacturer is somewhat conservative, but the purpose is for the safety of the owner. Because the brake fluid is used for a long time, the performance will be somewhat reduced, thus reducing the braking effect. There is also a major reason. If there is air in the brake fluid, even a very small amount of air will greatly reduce the braking effect.

2. Whether the small truck brake pads meet the requirements.

When the brake pads wear to a certain extent, the brake effect will drop significantly, and it is time to replace the brake pads. In addition, even if there is a crack in the brake pad, it will directly affect the braking effect.

3. Road conditions.

In the weather conditions such as ice, snow, rain, etc., the road becomes very slippery and the braking distance will be greatly extended. In addition, sand, stones, and even dusty roads will also reduce the braking effect. The braking effect of the tarmac road and the cement road surface is also different. Under the same state, the braking effect of the asphalt road is better than that of the cement road surface.

Since the frequency of the brakes of the minivan driver is different, it is difficult to define how long the brake pads need to be replaced. The correct way is to look at the wear and tear of the brake pads of the minivans during regular routine inspections. If it reaches the critical point, it must be replaced immediately.

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