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Always Observe The State Of The Brake Pads, Don't Wait Until The End Of Life!

Feb. 25, 2019

The brake pads are related to everyone's life safety issues. Always pay attention to the state of the brake pads. Don't wait until the end of life is harmful. IFK Brakes reminds you that you must replace them in time if the following conditions occur.

The Ceramic Disc Brake Pad is a simple and straightforward method, but it only appears on some of the more high-end models.

The brake pads of these cars are equipped with brake pad sensing wires. When the brake pads wear to the brake sensing line position, the brake pads wear warning lights will be illuminated on the instrument panel.

Visual inspection

The brake pads are provided with grooves. When the wear is to the same level as the grooves, that is, the grooves are "disappeared", the brake pads need to be replaced.

2. Listening

Most brake pads come with an “audible alarm”. If the brakes are accompanied by the sizzling of "iron shovel", it is necessary to consider whether the wear of the brake pads has reached the limit. When the brake pads are worn to the extreme position, the iron piece responsible for the wear warning will come into contact with the brake disc and produce continuous humming noise.

If there is no wear warning iron piece, when the wear reaches the limit, the iron back plate acts as a friction block. When the brake occurs, the iron back plate will dry with the brake disc to generate noise.

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