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What Material Is The Ceramic Brake Pad Made?

Oct. 22, 2018

Many people think that the Ceramic Disc Brake Pad must be a brake pad made of ceramics. The common misconception in customers is: The ceramic material of the brake pad is actually a material or formulation concept. Their basic components are ceramic fibers, no steel structural materials, mineral fibers, fibers, resin binders and a small amount of copper fibers, which are lighter in color than other formulations. The core of technology is the proportion of materials, the use of modified components and processing techniques. In summary, before calling the Ceramic Disc Brake Pad, the following technical specifications must be adopted: low dust on the brake disc/hub; less wear on the disc and the friction material itself; the friction coefficient is stable enough to be 100 °C~ Stable at 400 ° C, no significant brake force attenuation.

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IFK Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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