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How To Improve The Quality Of Ceramic Brake Pads?

Dec. 28, 2018

The quality of Ceramic Disc Brake Pad is mainly about quality. The quality is related to people's life safety. But as a technician of ceramic brake pad manufacturers, how do you know that Ceramic Disc Brake Pad has high quality? The following Auto Brake Pad Factory shares how to control the quality of the Ceramic Disc Brake Pad.

The significance of quality control lies in controlling all aspects of the product formation or realization process, and making them meet the specified requirements, controlling the defects early in the formation and eliminating them to obtain high quality products and desired economic benefits. Quality control refers to the work techniques and activities taken to meet quality requirements. The aspects covered by these technologies and activities mainly include the determination of control objects, the development of control standards, and the achievement of quality requirements.

Control in six aspects of the key implementation of the production process:

1. Implement control on the quality and quantity of raw materials entering the factory, manufacturing process, circulation and storage, and ensure the ability to track the quality;

2. Control the accuracy and precision of production equipment and process equipment, and regularly carry out maintenance and maintenance of equipment to ensure safe and reliable operation according to the process quality control plan;

3. The key production processes for the formation of product quality, according to the specific circumstances, carry out inspection or verification of key or multi-frequency. Establish a control room in the production process to carry out batch inspection of key indicators of semi-finished products;

4. According to the requirements of use, control the technical documents used in the production process to ensure completeness, error, uniformity and clarity;

5. The raw materials used in the production process, packaging accessories, semi-finished products, etc., after inspection by various testing means, the verification status is marked accordingly, so that the on-site staff can distinguish the quality status after being verified, inspected and verified. Avoid misuse and mix, so that production is carried out in an orderly manner;

6. Implement identification marks, isolation review, disposal and record control means for determining non-conforming products, and find out the reasons for making corrective measures to prevent recurrence.

The continuity of the brake pad production process is not strong, the degree of automation is very limited, but the process is quite complicated. From the purchase, research and development of dozens or even dozens of raw materials to the warehousing and delivery to users, it takes more than ten processes, and which problems occur, which will affect the quality of the products. It is hoped that many ceramic brake pads can strictly control each process to ensure product quality, so that owners can use safe and reliable ceramic brake pads.

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