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How To Distinguish The Real Ceramic Brake Pad?

Jan. 08, 2019

The hazards of using inferior brake pads are obvious. Brake pads are very important accessories to ensure the safety of a car. Because the process of this product is easy to master, it has become a counterfeit in various auto parts in just a few years. One of the outstanding products of counterfeiting. What should you choose when purchasing the Ceramic Disc Brake Pad? The following Brake Pad Manufacturer explain for you.

method one:

Differentiating ceramic brake pads with color: Some people call it "bone gray", which looks a bit like a pebble surface but does not have a thorny light. A thorny light may be a high-branched metal brake pad, or it may contain a small amount of ceramic. It contains a lot of metal. Everyone knows what color is on the table.

Method Two:

Hand rub: ceramic brakes with fingers on the surface of the brake pads will not leave any black or other colors on the hands, except for dust. Metal brake pads will leave a metallic black ink on the hands.

Method three:

Specially used water to wet, ceramic brake pads will not be born with water: metal brake pads, everyone knows that the original factory and the deputy factory are sealed before opening. Not to mention clean water, not open the package there for a day or two Will be embroidered.

Method four:

After the trial, the ceramic brake pads and the brake discs are white ink, which will not damage the brake discs: the metal brake pads are black ink, everyone knows that it is a mixture of various carbon and other reactive inks. These can be seen with good results like Zhong Li'an specializing in ceramic brake pads.

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