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What Is The Reason For The Carbonization Of The Brake Pads?

Jan. 23, 2019

Cars have now become our means of transportation, but nowadays there are traffic accidents in the society every day. Most of the reasons are caused by brake pads. Some brake pads are loose, brake pads are not sensitive, brake pads are carbonized, etc. It's strange to carbonize the brake pads, and now the Low-metallic Disc Brake Pad Manufacturer is the reason for the carbonization of the brake pads.

1. Cause: The newly replaced brake pads are thicker or the wrong brake pads are installed.

Solution: Install the correct model of the Ceramic Disc Brake Pad. After replacing the brake pads, turn the brake discs by hand to check for any stuck phenomenon before testing.

2, the cause: the brake pads are not qualified for high temperature performance. According to the standard, the suitable operating temperature of automotive brake pads is 100-350 °C. However, there are still inferior brake pads on the market that carbonize at 250 ° C, and the friction coefficient drops extremely rapidly.

Solution: Install a qualified brake pad product.

3. Cause: The brake disc sub-pump is not normal, the brake disc is stuck in the caliper slot or the caliper guide pin is stuck, causing the brake.

Solution: Check the brake system and maintain it regularly.

4. The cause: continuous downhill during driving, long-term braking.

Solution: When going downhill continuously, reduce the gear position, turn on the auxiliary brake to control the speed, do not continuously step on the brakes, and step on it immediately. The main reason for the brake failure is that the brakes are too busy and the brake pads are too hot. The brakes could not be braked. Therefore, when driving downhill in the mountains, do not continue to brake, try to use the brakes to prevent the brakes from overheating, resulting in brake failure.

5. The cause: forget to put down the hand brake.

Solution: Check the vehicle and its brake pads carefully before driving, and put down the handbrake. Many cars now have an automatic parking function to avoid such problems.

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