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What Are The Technical Indicators For Selecting The Ceramic Disc Brake Pad?

Jan. 31, 2019

Brake Pads are the protector of automobiles. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, the popularity of ceramic brake pads is gradually increasing. The sales of ceramic brake pads are also increasing. The ceramic brake pads are in the brake system of automobiles. Especially important, then how do we choose?

When selecting the Ceramic Disc Brake Pad, the following technical specifications are generally required:

1. Friction coefficient: It is extremely important that the ceramic brake pads are in the cold, wet, high temperature, alternating hot and cold and high temperature conditions.

2. Service life: extend the service life as much as possible and reduce the frequency of replacement.

3, noise: whether it is emergency braking or normal braking, light braking or continuous braking, can not produce harsh noise.

4, comfort: comfort should be such a feeling, a bit of free-spirited taste. It is very difficult to adjust the formula to achieve this feeling. The brake coefficient is too big, too small, too small, the friction coefficient is too big, the braking ability is very strong, but the car will bow, shake, noise, and small, More dangerous, I feel that it has stopped.

5, thermal expansion: continuous brakes and emergency brakes will lead to high temperatures, according to the physical principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the brake pads will also expand, but in the requirements of its expansion must be kept in a small range, the expansion is too large, will The gap between the film and the dual is too small, so that the film and the disk remain in the braking state during the normal driving process, which may cause the oil temperature in the brake cylinder to rise and the oil to leak and the brake to fail.

6. Thermal decay: The friction coefficient of ceramic brake pads is required to be hot and cold, sweet and sour, and the materials can be used. The materials must be adapted to a wide temperature range to ensure that they cannot be reduced under various conditions.

7. Compressibility: It reflects that when we brake with a certain braking force, the ceramic brake pads should not be too soft or too hard, too soft, which will affect the reaction time of the brake pads; it is too hard, and the disk is easy to produce noise. According to the corresponding standard, its compression is between 0.1~0.2mm.

8, do not hurt the disk: the social cost of ceramic brake pads is much lower than the brake disc, in Europe and the United States and other developed regions are not allowed to cast high pollution projects, so China's brake discs account for 70% of the world's production capacity, We are still smug. Therefore, in this duality, it is the brake pads instead of the brake discs. The ceramic brake pads used in Japanese mid- to high-end models are important in that they do not hurt the discs, only wear the brake pads, so in the aftermarket. Few people sell brake discs for Japanese Toyota and other models because it is basically not worn. Only wear yourself and protect the service life. To solve this contradiction, you need high technology and use better materials. The reason why the price of ceramic products is high is here. Too many brake pads on the market now have enough abrasives to protect their service life, but they can't solve the grinding disc and noise, which is the immature formula technology.

9, environmental protection: Now everyone knows that Europe and the United States is not allowed to use asbestos, even if you add a lot of asbestos and other materials containing sepiolite, it will lead to returns and fines. Asbestos is still used in a large number of heavy-duty trucks in China. The United States now proposes to gradually require the existence of copper in products. The introduction of these laws will also promote the progress of the friction material industry, and those that do not have research and development capabilities will be gradually eliminated.

There is also a small suggestion for the Ceramic Disc Brake Shoes Manufacturer: for the real thing, the surface is rough and the color is darker. The fake surface looks rough and not so delicate, except for those we have to look at its packaging, process and storage time. Wait, so be careful, don't make bigger mistakes for your own negligence.

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