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What Causes The Coefficient Of Friction to Change?

Jun. 23, 2019

As a Car Brake Pad Factory, let's talk to you about the reasons why the coefficient of friction changes.

The increase in friction coefficient is caused by the roughening of the surface and the ploughing action of the captured abrasive particles. The increase in the friction coefficient of the smooth metal surface is also related to the increase of the adhesion friction component caused by the surface polishing. The decrease in the friction coefficient is mainly due to the fact that the two surfaces become smooth after being deformed by the plastic surface, resulting in a reduced furrow effect; the elastic contact which plays a major role in the adhesion component, the roughened surface or the captured abrasive particles will decrease. The true contact area, resulting in a reduced adhesion component of the friction.

ROVER Disc Brake Pad

The reduction of the friction coefficient is caused by the reduction of the ploughing force at the interface discharge abrasive grains, and the subsequent increase of the friction coefficient is the re-formation and capture of the abrasive grains, resulting in a new ploughing effect. The frictional force rapidly increases to a very high value in a short period of time. The main reason is that the matching material of the friction pair is not good, and all factors have an influence on its friction.

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