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Light Step And Heavy Step On The Brake Pad Abnormal Sound Solution

Mar. 19, 2019

The original brake pad noise is a problem that many car owners will encounter. This situation is very troublesome. The original brake pad noise is also divided into light treading and heavy treading. What is the difference between the two? What is the solution? The following BMW Disc Brake Pad Manufacturer will come to you.

Cars running at low speeds, lightly braking on the brakes, and not stepping on the brakes, the reason is very complicated, not only will happen in the new car new film, but also in the old car, which will happen on the newly replaced brake pads. It also happens on brake pads that have been used for a while.

The abnormal noise when the original brake pad is lightly pressed is mainly the friction sound between the brake pad and the brake disc. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake pad will always be in slight contact with the brake disc, resulting in an increase in the friction temperature between the disc and the sheet, so that the material surface of the brake pad is carbonized. A hard substance that causes an abnormal sound when it is slightly rubbed.


Take the Brake Pad and sand it with sandpaper, and rub the carbonized material on the surface of the brake pad.

The newly changed brake pads produce abnormal noise. The main reason is that the edges of the brake discs are “steps” or the brake discs are worn. The surface is not flat. The brake pads and the brake discs are partially in contact with each other during friction, resulting in abnormal noise.

Solution: Check the brake disc before installation. If the brake disc is not flat or has a step on the edge, replace the new brake disc or disc and install the brake pad. If the disc cannot be replaced or disc, you can chamfer the brake pad and then install it. This will also effectively reduce the abnormal noise generated during braking. If the unevenness of the disk surface produces abnormal noise, it will generally run for about 1000 kilometers. When the brake pads and brake discs are completely worn-in, the abnormal sound will disappear.

Regarding the problem of the abnormal sound of the original brake pad, a sharp and squeaky sound is emitted during braking. This type of sound is not a malfunction, and is mainly related to the material of the brake pad. Removing the brake pads and grinding them several times will eliminate the abnormal noise.

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