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Disc Brake Pads For Automobiles

Apr. 10, 2019

As a CHEVROLET Auto Brake Pad Wholesaler, let us take a look at the disc brake pads of the car.

Before the assembly of the friction material, it is necessary to perform machining such as drilling, riveting and assembly to make the brake pad assembly or the clutch assembly. In the friction work, the friction material has to withstand high pressure and shear force in addition to high temperature. Therefore, the friction material must have sufficient mechanical strength to ensure that no damage or chipping occurs during processing or use. Such as: riveted brake pads: required to have a certain impact strength, riveting stress, compressive strength and so on.

Bonded brake pads: Discs, such as OPEL Disc Brake Pad, must have sufficient bond strength at room temperature and high temperature (300 ° C) bond strength to ensure that the friction material and the steel back are firmly bonded and can withstand the disc. High shear forces during braking without mutual detachment, resulting in serious consequences of brake failure. The clutch plate is required to have sufficient impact strength, static bending strength, maximum strain value and rotational breaking strength, in order to ensure that the clutch plate is not damaged during transportation and riveting. It also ensures that the clutch plate does not break under high-speed rotating working conditions.

OPEL Disc Brake Pad

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