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Brake Pads Are Rusty, Is It Dangerous To Drive Out?

Dec. 14, 2018

I believe that many car owners will be flustered when they encounter the rust of the brake disc. How can it rust after the rain? How can it rust if it doesn't open for a few days? Why does the brake disc rust? This...the Brake Disc is rusting, is it dangerous to drive out?

First of all, let's why the brake discs will rust! The brake disc should cooperate with the brake pad to achieve braking by frictional resistance. The friction surface of the brake disc requires a very large braking force, so the surface cannot be made of any anti-corrosion and anti-rust coating, even if it is done, it will be worn away. For this reason, the rust of the brake disc is inevitable. Moreover, the working condition of the brake disc is bad, and the brake disc is made of high-strength steel, and the carbon content is relatively high. Once the water is wet, or the weather is wet, the surface of the Fail Resistance Brake Pads combines with the oxygen in the air to form rust.

So, does the brake disc rust affect the brakes? The brake disc rust is normal and does not affect the use of the brake disc. Generally, the rust is not very bad. Only when the surface is slightly rusted, it is because the brake disc is stained with water. Therefore, when the car is driven out and bent, the brakes on the brakes are OK. The surface rust will soon be worn away. Can't control your braking performance. However, if the brake disc rust is serious, there will be problems such as abnormal brake noise, steering wheel shake, etc. When the normal brake can not grind off the rust, it is necessary to consider replacing it.

The brake disc is rusty, especially after it has rained. It has not been driven for two days. When driving, it is normal to see the rust on the brake disc. Because the brake disc is cast iron, it will rust when it encounters water. In addition, it is a friction member and can not be rust-proof. When we brake, the rust will be worn away without special treatment.

I didn't drive for a few days. When I started driving again, the back of the car would make a "beep" sound. This is also the rust between the brake pad and the disc, as well as the brake wire of the handbrake. The spring of the handbrake is rusted. The rusting causes the handbrake to fail to return in time. The start leads to forced return, sound, and no special treatment. Incidentally, there are problems with the abnormal sound of the brake pads:

This phenomenon is more common, often caused by ash, go to the car wash to clean it. If the abnormal noise still exists after cleaning, first check if the brake pad is worn to the limit and replace it. If it is normal, you can leave it alone, or you can polish the brake pad. It may be that the brake pad is ground to the hard metal particles.

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