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What Are The Three Phenomena That The Brake Pads Cannot Ignore?

Dec. 11, 2018

Brake Pads are wear and tear items, which makes you very dangerous when you find that the brake pads have dropped sharply during use. Therefore, you must pay attention to the changes of the brake pads in daily life, and some phenomena will appear before the performance of the brake pads is degraded. The phenomenon must not be ignored, FORD Disc Brake Pad Manufacturer takes you to see which three phenomena.

First, when shaking on the brakes is a problem?

Most of this happens on the old body. Because of the wear and tear, the surface flatness of the brake disc has been somewhat out of alignment. Therefore, it is recommended to use the lathe disc process to polish or replace the brake pads (for vehicles with older ages).

Second, the steering wheel will always deflect to one side each time the brake stops.

This kind of situation is actually what we call the “bias brake”. The main cause of the failure is caused by the uneven force of the brake pump on the left and right sub-pumps. In the process of driving, due to the fast rotation speed of the brake disc, the difference in the effect of the sub-pump is very small in the case of rapid friction, and it is difficult for us to feel it. But when the vehicle is stopped, the difference is obvious. The wheel on the faster side is stopped first and the steering wheel is deflected. In this case, the sub-pump may need to be replaced.

Third, before driving, you need a hot car for more than ten minutes to have the braking force, otherwise there is almost no, is it awkward?

The brake system is powered by the engine to push the caliper to clamp the brake disc (disc brake), or to push the brake disc to rub against the brake drum (drum brake). Therefore, as in the above situation, it may be that the pressure transmitting transmission pipe is out of pressure, resulting in failure to provide the braking force in time. In this case, check whether the vacuum booster of the brake master cylinder and the engine's excuse are cracked or loose.

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