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What Are The Hazards Of Inferior Brake Pads?

Apr. 24, 2019

As an Auto Brake Pad Factory, let's talk about the dangers of inferior brake pads.

1. The car has a left wheel and a right wheel. If the friction performance of the two wheel brake pads is inconsistent, then the foot will be deflected when the brake pads are applied, and the car will even turn around.

2. In terms of wear of the brake pads, on the one hand, if the wear rate of the brake pads is too large, the brake pads are frequently replaced, and the user's economic burden is increased; on the other hand, if it cannot be worn, it will wear the duals - brake This economic loss is even greater in discs and brake drums.

3. The brake pad is a safety piece. During the braking process, he will generate temperature. The brake pads of the regular manufacturer can ensure that the braking temperature is in the temperature range of 100~350 °C, and the friction coefficient and wear rate of the product remain sufficient. Stability. The friction performance of inferior products is likely to decrease under high temperature conditions, causing the driver to feel that the brakes are too soft under long-term braking conditions; if braking at high speeds, the braking distance will be lengthened, or the brakes will fail. Caused a serious accident.

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