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What AreThe Main Properties Of The Brake Pads?

Jan. 28, 2019

The brake pads are very important for the car and are irreplaceable. Therefore, the brake pads are a vital part of the car. It is related to personal safety. What is its main performance? Below is the answer from Drum Brake Shoes Manufacturer.

The performance of the same brake pad at different temperatures, different speeds, and different brake pressures is quite different.

1. Braking performance: refers to the braking ability (friction coefficient) of the brake pad under normal braking conditions (lower braking temperature).

2. Declining performance: Under the road conditions such as downhill slopes, the brakes are continuously braked and the temperature rises rapidly. The brake discs may reach temperatures of four, five hundred or even seven hundred degrees Celsius. The braking force of the brake pads will be deteriorated and the braking distance will increase. This phenomenon is called “recession”, and we certainly hope that the recession rate will be as small as possible. High-quality brake pads have a low rate of decline, some do not even decline, while some counterfeit products are very degraded and almost lose their braking capacity at high temperatures.

3. Recovery performance: After the high temperature decline of the brake pads, when the temperature drops, can restore the original braking performance as soon as possible? This is also a measure of the importance of brake pads.

4. Brake pad wear: is the wear of the brake pads. The braking effect depends on the formulation and process of the friction material. For example, the carbon fiber brake pad can be used for hundreds of thousands of kilometers without replacement. In addition to the brakes, the wear of the brake pads is also considered. During the braking process, the high-quality brake pads will form a protective film on the friction surface of the brake disc to reduce the wear of the brake disc. The inferior brake pads contain a lot of hard spots and impurities, which will pull out many grooves on the surface of the brake disc. Accelerate the wear of brake pads and brake discs.

5. Noise is advocating environmental protection now, this is also a very important indicator, in fact, there are many factors that cause brake noise, brake pads are only one of them. It is generally believed that if the hardness of the brake pad is too high, noise is easily generated.

6. Heat Dissipation Brake Pad also has shear strength, hardness, compression ratio, thermal expansion, water absorption, adhesion and other performance indicators.

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