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Six Maintenance Methods For IFK Brake Pad

Sep. 27, 2018

As the economy continues to grow and more and more people buy cars, how should the IFK Brake Pad be maintained?

Coup 1: If you feel that the brakes are not as sensitive as before, just step on the brakes when you wait for the red light.

Coup 2: Replace the air-conditioning filter with a sponge of the same size, which increases the amount of air intake, and can be used after washing, and the defrosting in the car is fast.

Coup 3: Stick a layer of black felt cloth or flannel on the inner side of the front wheel to reduce tire noise.

Coup 4: Use the pliers to reduce the gap between the wiper blade joint and the rubber sheet to eliminate the vibration and noise of the wiper blade.

Coup 5: The new bulb is wiped with alcohol to eliminate fingerprints and oil, which can extend the life of the lamp.

Coup 6: Make a small hole at the lowest point below the muffler to extend the life of the muffler.

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IFK Brake Pad

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