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Method For Judging The Degree Of Wear Of Brake Pads

Jan. 10, 2019

The brake pad is a very important part of a car. It also has a service life. Once the time is long, the wear resistance of the brake pad will gradually decrease. It must be checked regularly and replaced, but how to judge the degree of wear of the brake pad. What do you think about the IFK Disc Brake Pad Factory?

1. The thickness of the brake pad: The thickness of the brake pad has a great influence on the braking effect. Generally, the thickness of the new brake pad is about 1.5cm. When it is worn to a thickness of only about 0.3cm, the owners should pay attention! To remind everyone, don't wait until only 0.3cm is left to replace it. When it is worn to only 0.5cm, you can consider replacing it.

2. Instrument Tip: Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology, vehicles are basically equipped with such a function, that is, if there is a problem with the brake pads, the brake warning light on the instrument panel will light up, reminding the driver to pay attention to the brake problem, in time Check the brake pads and replace them.

3. Sound: The brake pads are mostly iron. The bad thing is that it is very easy to rust in rainy weather and long time parking. At this time, you will hear the friction of the brakes when you step on the brakes. This sound is normal in a short time, but if the sound is accompanied by it for a long time, the owner should replace it in time. This phenomenon indicates that the degree of wear of the brake pads has exceeded the limit. If such a phenomenon continues, it will affect the brake disc, so the long-term squeaking indicates that the brake pads are out of order.

4. Brake response level: Since the brakes are often used, as long as the brakes are not sensitive, the brake pads should be replaced at this time.

IFK Brake Pads are manufactured and supplied under ISO/TS16949 certifications to ensure the highest level of quality, safety, and reliability. IFK Brake Pads' quality is tested and approved under a number of certifications, which include ISO9001:2015 and E-Mark ECE R-90 which is required by the European Union and other countries that have adopted to ECE regulations.

Method For Judging The Degree Of Wear Of Brake Pads

Method For Judging The Degree Of Wear Of Brake Pads

Method For Judging The Degree Of Wear Of Brake Pads

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