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Be Careful, there may be Iron Powder in the Brake Pads!

Sep. 09, 2019

Some friends found that the car paint surface has black dirt, how to wash it is not clean, what is going on? It turned out that this is iron powder at work! Car Brake Pad Factory tells you to check your brake pads and be careful about this iron powder damage car!

Iron powder, in fact, in life, brake pad friction, rail friction, and industrial production and construction will produce iron powder to walk in the air. The great thing about iron powder is that it can absorb the heat from the sun and the engine to make the paint melt when it is softened. Over time, black stripes that are difficult to clean will appear in the paint.

MG Disc Brake Pad

MG Disc Brake Pad

Similarly, if the brake pads contain iron-based friction materials, the iron powder will also be produced during braking. This is what we often say. If the ash is serious, in addition to the paint, the surface of the wheel hub will be damaged. As a result, the owner cannot be removed with normal cleaning.

Therefore, the choice of quality Rear Brake Pads can avoid the above tragedy.

Our company specializes in providing brake pads for various models, such as the MG Disc Brake Pad. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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