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Improve The Quality Of Production Services In Automotive Industry

Apr. 17, 2019

Recently, 600,000 Mercedes-Benz oil spill video has become a hot event in the car circle: a woman bought 600,000 yuan for a Mercedes-Benz car, only driving for one kilometer, but the engine has oil leakage problem. After several negotiations, 4S gives replacement. The solution to the engine. This kind of solution made the woman's emotions completely collapse, and the legs crossed in the car to express their own demands.

We can see in the appeal that the owner did not take advantage of the public opinion, and asked Mercedes to give higher compensation, and still continue to maintain his legitimate demands, asking the Mercedes-Benz official to give a formal apology and briefing.

It is necessary to rectify the chaos in the automobile industry and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The car owner is still speaking for the majority of car owners under such circumstances, we believe that it is not forced to help, she will not choose such a solution.

We are not targeting Mercedes-Benz, because not only Mercedes-Benz has had a similar incident. It is hoped that through this incident, the quality of production services in the automotive industry will be promoted. As an ECE-R90 Brake Pads Manufacturer, we know that we have the trust of our customers. We will produce high-quality auto parts and do the after-sales service to disappoint consumers.

ECE-R90 Brake Pads Manufacturer

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