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What Is The Reason Behind The Decryption Of The Brake Pads? 2

May. 30, 2019

As a PORSCHE Disc Brake Pad Factory, we continue to analyze the reasons behind the brake ash drop.

No matter why the brake characteristics of the high-end car are so good, only the friction material always has carbon fiber. The bad thing is that the toner that is rubbed out when braking is too black, which is more unreliable for the owner of the high-end car. local. However, compared to the safety factor, reliability, and comfort of the car when braking, the black-gray broken ends seem to be not critical. If you spend a lot of money to explore the defects that a certain material replaces the carbon fiber after the friction of the carbon fiber is dark gray, it is unlikely. The reason is very simple. The cost of scientific research has already exceeded the defect of the product value.

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ROVER Disc Brake Pad

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