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What Is The Reason Behind The Decryption Of The Brake Pads? 1

May. 24, 2019

Everyday people see the powder falling from the brake pads and blacken the wheels. People feel that the brakes are frequently powdered. It is a misconception that the brake pads are cognizant, causing people to see that the wheels are black. Drop these concepts. As an Auto Brake Pad Factory, let us explain why the brake pads are powdered. Everyday everyone should touch the high-end cars such as BMW, Volvo, Touareg, etc. Do you care about the wheels of these high-end cars on a daily basis? I believe everyone will find that their wheels are very dark. People with a good heart generally notice that many brake pads of world-renowned brands have a common characteristic and are also black powder.

MG Disc Brake Pad

It is reasonable to say that the manufacturer of high-end cars should pay attention to the appearance of the car body. What is the brake pad that uses black powder? This means that it involves the safety factor of the car and the comfort of the brakes. Since the manufacturer wants to ensure the coordination, durability and comfort of the vehicle when braking, the manufacturer adds a lot of carbon fiber to the friction material of the brake pad (because the carbon fiber is light and the proportion is lighter than aluminum). The quarter-to-quarter strength of the non-extracted steel is 22 times that of iron, and it is resistant to corrosion, heat, and durability. It has such unique features.

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