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Is your Brake Pad replaced?

Sep. 17, 2019

  The car brake system plays a decisive role in driving safety. Once the brake system fails, driving safety cannot be discussed. Especially in the event of an emergency, the brake system can work normally, which often determines whether we can guarantee our personal safety. As the important part of the brake system, the brake pad is naturally important, so how to judge whether the AUDI Disc Brake Pad works normally, whether it should be replaced, whether our brakes are proper or not is our day. Things to pay attention to when using a car.

  So, how long is the brake pad used? Generally speaking, it is no problem to choose 100,000 km to replace the brake pads. If the conditions are better, then the replacement of 150,000 km is also possible. The judgment is based on the frequency of our drivers' braking on the brakes and the attenuation of the braking force.

AUDI Disc Brake Pad

AUDI Disc Brake Pad

  First, look at the thickness of the brake pad. Generally, a new brake pad has a total thickness of about 1.5 cm. If the thickness of the brake pad is less than or equal to 0.3 cm, it has reached its critical point of wear, indicating that you need to replace it. Of course, this is the inspection method that can be carried out only if we have a measurement tool. If there is no measuring tool, it can be given a rough judgment based on the naked eye. If the thickness of the brake pads is found to be less than one-third of the original, then it is necessary to check and replace them in time. If it is lower than the original two thirds, then the owner also needs to consciously reduce the time to check the brakes next time.

  There is also a very intuitive way to feel the change in strength when you step on the brakes. If you always feel very hard when you step on the brakes or feel that the brakes are not as sensitive as before, you need to step on the desired braking effect more than you used to step on. When the emergency brake feels that the pedal position is low and the brake pedal stroke becomes longer, then your brake pads must be checked as soon as possible.

  There is also a less wide-ranging approach, but this situation must be noted once you encounter it. That is, when you step on the brakes, the brake pads will make a different sound than before. For example, the metal friction sound when braking lightly, or the sharp metal sound, this situation, to rule out the conventional phenomenon when the new brake pad is running-in period, basically can explain that the brake pad is abnormal, even exceeds the wear limit. Each brake pad will have a raised wear limit mark. The thickness of a mark is usually about 3 cm. If your brake pad has worn to less than three centimeters, it must be replaced immediately.

  There is also a fault warning light on the dashboard. It is important to note that this light is not the brake fault light we understand, but a separate brake pad wears indicator. This light is not available in all models. It will only be available on some AUDI Auto Brake Pads, and because the warning system has direct sensing of the thickness of the brake pads, and some brake pads have been completely worn. The brake oil is therefore extremely degraded so that the warning light is on. It is too late to remember that it is too late to change the brake pads, so it is not recommended to remind them to replace the brake pads.

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