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Running-in of Car Brake Pads

Aug. 23, 2019

After the brake pads of the car are replaced, the contact surfaces of the new brake pads and the brake discs may not reach the optimal contact, which may affect the performance of the brakes of the car, and may appear to be "unstopper". Therefore, the newly replaced brake pads are worn in order to better match the brake disc for better braking effect. Here, Car Brake Pad Supplier takes you through the running-in of car brake pads.

The running method of the new brake pads is to use the brakes of the fractional brakes as much as possible. Do not use the brakes before they are worn out. The Ultra Quiet Brake Pad after running-in still needs to pass the brake disc for several hundred kilometers. Best performance, be careful driving at this time to prevent accidents.

Ultra Quiet Brake Pad

Ultra Quiet Brake Pad

First of all, it is not strictly required that you need a very accurate speed every time. You can start braking when you accelerate to about 60~80km/h. Secondly, when you brake to 10~20km/h, keep your eyes looking at the road and make sure that your eyes are looking at the road. Pay attention to road safety, about 10 times of braking process can be done.

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