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Safety first, Choose the Brake Pads

Jul. 10, 2019

We all know that in the car brake system, the brake pads are the most critical components, the brake effect is good, the brake pads can be reflected, and most of the brake pads have problems in the friction coefficient, high-temperature performance. Not good, etc. If the friction coefficient is too high, the braking action of the slow driving will become sensitive. If the brake is light, the risk of the rollover will be caused, and on the contrary, it is difficult to start the braking process. Now the Car Brake Pad Factory takes you through the specific requirements of the brake pads:

ROVER Disc Brake Pad

1. A suitable coefficient of friction. Before we also learned that the friction coefficient is an important reference factor for the brake pads. The national standard clearly requires the manufacturer to indicate the coefficient of friction on the package. According to the SAE standard, the brake pads will use the FF rating coefficient, ie the friction coefficient is 0.35 to 0.45.

2. Satisfactory comfort. Comfort is a visual representation of the coefficient of friction, including brake feel, noise, dust, smoke, odor and so on. So what is comfort? The simple test is that when you are driving, you can step on the brakes with your own feelings, and the car just arrives at that position as you wish, and there is no noise, no jitter, so smooth. That position, in simple terms, is to control the brake system as you like, and with a good experience, you can say that you have satisfactory comfort.

3. Reasonable service life. When we purchase the ROVER Disc Brake Pad, we will pay attention to the lifetime of the product. Usually, the brake pads can guarantee the service life of 30,000 kilometers.

4. Reliable security. Brake pads generate transient high temperatures when braking, especially at high speeds or emergency braking. At high temperatures, the friction coefficient of the friction lining decreases, which is called thermal decay. The degree of thermal decay determines the safety of the high-temperature state and emergency braking.

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