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How To Judge The Replacement Cycle Of The Brake Pads?

Jan. 17, 2019

The important thing for the whole car is the brake system. The important ones in the brake system are the brake oil, the brake disc and the Brake Pads. These three accessories are all consumable items, but they are directly capable. It affects the safety performance of the whole car and affects personal safety.

Both the brake oil and the brake disc can visually infer the replacement cycle, but how should the brake pads determine the condition of the brake pads? Let's take a look at the Semi-metallic Car Brake Pad Supplier!

According to the maintenance manual, there is no change of 30,000 kilometers. In fact, this is not completely accurate, because each person's driving situation is different, the road conditions are different, and the brake pads are worn differently. Then, when should the brake pads be replaced?

The driving computer prompts to replace, there is a brake warning light on the general car dashboard. When the warning light is on, it reminds you to check the brake pad, but the warning light indicates that the limit has been replaced, and it must be checked immediately. The car has this kind of warning system, but some directly sense the thickness of the brake pad, and some of the brake pads have been completely polished, and the brake fluid is extremely lowered to make the warning light illuminate.

Look at the thickness of the brake pads. Generally, the thickness of the new brake pads is about 1.5cm. When the brake pads are worn to only 0.5cm, you need to increase the frequency of the self-test. When the brake pads are worn to only 0.3cm, you must replace them in time. This is the limit for the thin replacement of the brake discs. Don't drag them, it is very dangerous.

Listening to the sound, the brake discs are mostly iron. After parking for a long time, especially in the rainy days, it is easy to appear rust. At this time, the brakes will be accompanied by the sound of the silk. This sound will disappear after driving for a while. If it does not improve after a period of time, the brake pads must be replaced immediately.

Once you find that your car's brakes are not enough, you must change the brake pads in time, or make relevant adjustments to make the brakes work well. It adopts high-end high-quality ceramic material, which has better braking performance. At the same time, it is equipped with asbestos material, which has better heat dissipation performance and does not hurt the automobile chassis.

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