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Four Tips For Choosing The Semi-metallic Disc Brake Pad

Oct. 08, 2018

The market demand growth of brake pad products is closely related to the development of the automobile industry. The rapid development of China's automobile industry will directly drive the simultaneous development of brake pad manufacturers. So what are the issues to be aware of when purchasing a Semi-metallic Disc Brake Pad?

One: look at the friction coefficient, the friction coefficient determines the basic brake pad braking torque, too high will cause the wheel to lock during the braking process, the direction is out of control and burning, too low, the braking distance is too long;

Two: depends on the safety, the brake pad will produce instantaneous high temperature when braking, especially in high-speed driving or emergency braking, the friction coefficient of the friction plate will decrease when the temperature is high;

Three: to see if it is comfortable, including brake feeling, noise, dust, smoke, odor, etc., is a direct manifestation of friction performance;

Four: Look at the life, usually the brake pads can guarantee the service life of 30,000 kilometers.

Two choices - First of all, should choose the car brake pads produced by the regular manufacturers, with the license number, the specified friction coefficient, the implementation standards, etc., and the package should have the certificate of conformity, production batch number, production date, etc. Professional maintenance points please install professionally.

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Semi-metallic Disc Brake Pad

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