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Do You Know the Six Dangerous Signals of The Brake Pads?

Jul. 03, 2019

The brake pad is a very important part of the car. Its main function is to stop the car. However, if the brake pad is used for a long time, the function will be degraded or malfunction and the consequences will be disastrous. The Semi-metallic Car Brake Pad Factory talks about the six danger signals of the brake pads, which are something that cannot be ignored.

What are the precursors of brake failure?

1. When braking, the steering wheel is deflected.

If the brake is pressed, the steering wheel is deflected to one side. That is the imbalance between the left and right sub-pumps of the brake system on the brake pads. However, we are not easy to find this problem. Because the brake disc rotates faster.

2. The brakes sink.

If the brakes appear continuously during driving, then the pedal position becomes high. The brakes are sinking, and in general, it is leaking!

3. The brakes are weak.

This is generally caused by the loss of pressure in the transmission line that provides pressure. In this case, check whether the vacuum booster hose of the brake master cylinder and the engine interface are cracked or loose.

4. The brakes are shaking.

Most of this situation occurs in the old body. Because of the large wear and tear, the surface flatness of the brake disc has been somewhat misaligned. It can be solved by grinding the brake disc or directly replacing the brake disc.

Shake when braking, steering wheel. The reason is that the brake disc is out of tolerance, the brake caliper is deformed, and the brake pads are tapered. If such a situation occurs, it must be inspected at the factory.

Heat Dissipation Brake Pad

5. The brake does not return.

During the driving process, it is necessary to judge whether the brake fluid is missing; whether the brake cylinder, the pipeline and the joint are leaking oil; whether the master pump and the pump parts are damaged. Consider cleaning the sub-pump or replacing the caliper.

The brakes will not return. When you step on the brake pedal, you feel high and hard or have no free travel, and the car is difficult to get started or it is difficult to drive. Fault phenomenon: When the brake pedal is pressed, the pedal does not rise and there is no resistance. It is necessary to judge whether the brake fluid is missing; whether there is oil leakage at the brake cylinder, pipeline and joint; whether the master pump and the pump parts are damaged.

6. The brake pads are hard and soft.

The reason why the brake pads are hardened may be that the vacuum booster fails to cause the brakes to be unhelpful or frequently brakes. There are three reasons for the brake to soften: the sub-pump or the master pump has insufficient oil pressure (oil leakage); the brake pad or brake disc is faulty; the brake line leaks into the air (continuous stepping on the brakes, the brakes are increased and A sense of elasticity is to enter the air)! Be sure to check and replace parts in time.

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