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Five Common Sense About Car Brake System 1

Mar. 26, 2019

We all know that the brake system of a car is a series of specialized devices that can force the speed of the car to be forced down or stopped. Its function is very important for the safety of the car. In addition to ensuring that the car can be stopped at the driver's request and the vehicle is reliably parked, it can also ensure the safety of the car and the driver. As an ECE-R90 Brake Pads Manufacturer, today IFK uses TS16949 Brake Pads as an example to share some common sense about car brake systems.

1. Antilock brake system (ABS). Its function is to automatically control the braking force of the brake when the car brakes, so that the wheel is not locked, and it is in the state of rolling on the side (slip rate is about 20%) to ensure the maximum adhesion between the wheel and the ground. value. If the instrument's ABS warning light is on, please go to the 4S shop as soon as possible to check and deal with it, to avoid affecting your driving safety and delay the trip.

2. Release the brakes after starting and hear the TS16949 Brake Pads and the brake discs rubbing, which is normal. After the engine is started, the driver will step on the brakes before the gear is engaged. When the gear is engaged, the brakes will be released and the vehicle will start to drive. At this time, the brake pads of the brake pads have been fitted under normal temperature conditions, but they have not been produced. A lot of friction, the front or rear driving force will be generated after the vehicle is in gear. When the brake pedal is released, the brake disc of the brake pad will produce sound. This sound will be more noticeable if the brake disc is wet after washing the car.

TS16949 Brake Pads

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