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Five Common Sense About Car Brake System 2

Mar. 29, 2019

As an ECE-R90 Brake Pads Manufacturer, today IFK uses TS16949 Brake Pads as an example to share some common sense about car brake systems.

3. It is normal for the hand brake to be used after a period of time. The handbrake cable is composed of multiple sets of wires. It has a certain ductility after being stressed. After a period of use, it will have a certain elongation than the length of the new car, and will not have any effect on the parking brake. .

4. Brake disc rust: The main component of the brake disc is iron. After the vehicle is not used for a long time or used in rainy days, the surface of the disc will produce certain rust. This kind of phenomenon is not to be worried. Generally, the vehicle will rub the rust through the brakes while driving, and will not affect the normal use.

5. The heat is generated after the brake disc is used: This is a normal phenomenon. The brake is realized by the friction between the brake disc and the TS16949 Brake Pads. It is a process of converting kinetic energy into heat energy, so a large amount of heat is generated. Do not touch the brake disc with your hands after parking to avoid being burnt.

TS16949 Brake Pads

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