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What is the Use of Natural Rubber in Friction Materials?

Aug. 07, 2019

As a Car Brake Pad Factory, let's talk about the role of natural rubber in friction materials.

Natural rubber is an elastic solid that is processed by rubber latex on a rubber tree. It has a rubbery hydrocarbon content of more than 90% and a small amount of protein, fatty acid, sugar, and ash. Natural rubber is an unsaturated polymer with isoprene as the main component.

Heat Dissipation Brake Pad

Heat Dissipation Brake Pad

The properties of rubber vary depending on the type of rubber tree. Natural rubber has no certain melting point, softens slowly after heating, and completely softens to a molten state at 130-140 ° C; begins to decompose at around 200 ° C; and rapidly decomposes at 270 ° C. It is slightly elastic at normal temperature, and the temperature is gradually hardened, and -70 ° C becomes a brittle substance. The density of natural rubber (20 ° C) was 0.93 g/cm 3.

The natural rubber has good elasticity, the elastic modulus reaches 3-6MPa, and its rebound rate is in the range of 0-100 °C, up to 70-80%; relatively speaking, natural rubber has good mechanical strength because it is A kind of crystalline rubber, self-reinforcing and strong. The natural rubber varieties used in friction materials mainly include tobacco sheet glue, air-dry glue, brown wrinkle glue and the like.

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