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Ways To Judge Inferior Brake Pads 1

Apr. 28, 2019

As a CHEVROLET Auto Brake Pad Factory, we have the following suggestions for judging inferior brake pads.

1. When you get the disc brake pads in the market, check if the chamfers of the brake pads are the same on both sides, whether the slot in the middle is straight and the edges are smooth and burr-free. Because these details of the product, although not affecting the braking performance of the production, can reflect the manufacturer's level of equipment manufacturing, if there is no good manufacturing equipment, even if the formula is good, it is difficult to produce a good product.

2. Involving disc brake pads, detecting whether there is any flash material in the friction material part of the brake pad and the back plate, that is, there is friction material at the steel plate, which indicates several reasons. First, the back plate and the mold are attached in the hot pressing step. Poor combination, there is a crack; followed by the hot pressing process is not very good, the duration and frequency of the exhaust gas are not suitable for the process of product molding, the problem may be the poor quality of the product.

3. When it comes to heavy-duty drum brake pads, check the large holes in the brake pads and the uniformity around the small holes. When the index finger rotates inside, there should be no tingling discomfort. If conditions permit, try the inner arc. Lifting the top of the head down and gently applying it, let it fall, seeing that the brake pads can rebound and have no cracks, which means good quality, and the low quality brake pads may crack.

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