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Ways To Judge Inferior Brake Pads 2

May. 10, 2019

As an Auto Brake Pad Factory, we continue to teach you how to judge inferior brake pads.

4. As far as the heavy-duty drum brake pads are concerned, there are differences between the high-quality and unqualified brake pads in the riveting. The inner arc of the poor quality brake pads has a gap with the brake shoes, and the riveting process occurs during the riveting process. , or there may be problems with riveting corners.

5. For the brake shoe, the first thing to see is whether the lining and the shovel can be glued or the lining is skewed. This kind of question is reflected in the production process of the lining and the shoe, and the manufacturing process is difficult, even if this There is no major hazard to the characteristics of the brakes, but it reflects the poor quality control ability of the manufacturer's production process, which also points to doubts about the inherent quality.

AUDI Auto Brake Pad

6. Whether it is a disc brake pad, a heavy-duty brake pad, or a shoe brake pad, the inner quality inspection can be contacted with a plurality of similar friction materials, and then the relative friction is used. If the powder is removed, the ash is removed. This indicates that the brake pad brand is a poor quality product. The reason is that the intrinsic friction material of the product is relatively loose, which is harmful to the product thermal decay performance and wear performance.

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