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What Does The Brake Type Of The Car Mean?

May. 17, 2019

As a CHEVROLET Auto Brake Pad Factory, let's summarize the brake type of the car.

1. Brake: A brake is a device that has the functions of decelerating, stopping, or maintaining a stopped state of a moving part (or a moving machine).

2. In the car, according to the different braking principles, can be divided into the following two:

[Disc Brake] Also known as "disc type", it consists of a brake disc attached to the wheel and a brake caliper at the edge of the disc. When braking, the high-pressure brake oil pushes the brake block to clamp the brake disc to produce a braking effect.

[Drum brake] Fixed with the tire and rotated at the same speed. When braking, use hydraulic pressure to push the brake shoes (Brake Shoes) to contact the inner edge of the brake drum, and the friction generated by the contact is used to suppress the rotation of the tire to achieve the purpose of braking.

AUDI Auto Brake Pad

3. Their respective characteristics:

[Drum brake] a. Drum brake has a good self-brake effect. b. Lower cost. c. Easy to lock. d. Thermal attenuation is faster.

[Disc brake] a. The wear of the brake can not be less than the deposition on the brake. The centrifugal force of the disc brake can throw out all the water, dust and other pollution. b. The brake parts are independent, than the drum brake Easier to repair. c. Ventilation and heat dissipation effect is good. d. Higher cost

4. Supplement: In the product description, the “front disc type” means that the front wheel is a disc brake, and the “rear drum type” means that the rear wheel is a drum type. Generally, high-end cars are "front and rear discs", and the front and rear wheels are disc brakes.

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