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Low-metallic Formula

Aug. 18, 2018

IFK Low-Metallic Brakes Pads are made from an organic formula combined with small amounts of metal that help with heat transfer to offer improved braking. They are good at dissipating heat and provide reliable braking and designed to keep wheels exceptionally clean and deliver first-rate stopping power in a shorter stopping range. Exceedingly rotor friendly, these brake pads are ultra-quiet with no break-in required. Delivering the ultimate performance and the safest braking experience, our high-performance low-metallic brake pads are 100% asbestos free and made with first-rate brake friction material, providing optimal heat resistance for all kinds of driving conditions and weather

* Exceptional stopping power

* Ideal vehicle control and braking performance response

* 30,000 to 50,000 km lifetime

* Exceptionally long brake pad and rotor life

* Economical and reliable

* Substantial reduction in dust

* Stable friction performance across the wide temperature range

Low-metallic Formula

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