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Choice of Non-asbestos Brake pads

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Choice of Non-asbestos Brake pads

Brake pads, also called Non-asbestos Brake pads, are the most critical safety parts in the car's braking system. The brake pads play a decisive role in the effectiveness of all braking. During the use of Non-asbestos Brake pads, due to friction, the friction pads will gradually be worn out. The brake pads should be replaced in time after the friction material is used, otherwise, the steel plate and the brake disc will directly contact, and the braking effect will eventually be lost. Damage to the brake disc will affect driving safety. For your driving safety, please check and replace the brake pads regularly. So how do choose Non-asbestos Brake pads? Let's take a look.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Choose according to its performance

  • According to the processing temperature

  • The harm of using fake and inferior brake pads

Choose according to performance

Automobile friction materials are the key materials for friction (contact) brakes and clutch for braking and transmission. Automobile Non-asbestos Brake pads are the key components of vehicle brake transmission, which directly affect the driving safety performance of the vehicle. The main subject of automobile brakes in the 21st century is to be safer, lighter, and in line with environmental protection requirements. This not only requires the development of new materials but also requires the adoption of new structures and new systems to greatly improve the overall performance of the brakes and achieve lighter weight. The performance of Non-asbestos Brake pads directly affects whether the car's braking system can be used normally, which is related to the realization of car comfort, safety, and other performance.

According to the processing temperature

The production process of automobile friction materials is distinguished according to the processing temperature, which can be roughly divided into three categories: hot pressing process, cold-pressing process, and warm pressing process. The hot pressing process has a long history of application, mature technology, and a wide application range. At this stage, it is applied by most friction material manufacturers at home and abroad. The cold pressing and warm pressing processes are both low-temperature forming processes and are new friction material production processes. Non-asbestos Brake pads have superior performance. Although the research of these new processes has achieved certain results, they are still in the exploratory stage and the technology is not mature yet. It needs to be further developed.

The harm of using fake and inferior brake pads

1. Counterfeit and inferior brake pads can easily cause the wheels to lock up and lose control of the direction.

2. Counterfeit and inferior brake pads cause the braking distance to be extended. When emergency braking is required, it is impossible to stop in time and cause an accident.

3. Counterfeit and low-quality brake pads have a short service life. Although the friction pads are vulnerable parts, they should ensure certain service life.

4. Counterfeit and inferior brake pads will wear out the brake disc and reduce the service life of the brake disc.

5. Counterfeit and inferior brake pads have strong thermal conductivity, which reduces the service life of the brake caliper, and at the same time creates certain brake concerns.

6. There will be braking noise during the use of fake and inferior brake pads.

It is related to the selection of Non-asbestos Brake pads. If you are interested in Non-asbestos Brake pads, you can contact us. Our website is I look forward to your coming and hope to cooperate with you.

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