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How to Maintain Organic Brake Pads?

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How to Maintain Organic Brake Pads?

Organic Brake pads play a vital role in our production and life, so what is the maintenance method of Organic Brake pads? Let's take a look together below.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Check Organic Brake pads

  • Replace the Organic Brake pads provided by the original spare parts

Check Organic Brake pads

Under normal driving conditions, check the Organic Brake pads every 5000 kilometers. Not only must check the remaining thickness, but also check the wear status of the shoes, whether the wear on both sides is the same, whether the return is free, etc. If you find abnormal situations, use them immediately. Do not wait until the friction material of Organic Brake pads wears out before changing shoes. Some vehicles have a brake shoe alarm function. Once the Organic Brake pads wear limit is reached, the meter will sound an alarm to remind you to change your shoes. Even if it can be used for some time, it will reduce the braking effect of Organic Brake pads and affect driving safety.

Replace the Organic Brake pads provided by the original spare parts

When replacing, replace the Organic Brake pads provided by the original spare parts. Only in this way can the braking effect between the Organic Brake pads and the brake disc be the best and the wear is minimal. When replacing the shoe, a special tool must be used to push the brake cylinder back. Do not use other crowbars to push back forcefully, as this will easily cause the guide screw of the brake caliper to bend and cause the Organic Brake pads to jam. After replacement, you must step on the brakes to eliminate the gap between the shoe and the brake disc, causing the first foot to be unable to brake, and accidents are prone to occur. After replacing the brake shoes, you need to run 200 kilometers to achieve the best braking effect. New shoes must be driven carefully.

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