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How to choose brake shoes?

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How to choose brake shoes?

Brake shoes are one of the most important components of a car's braking system and are directly related to the stability and reliability of the car's brakes, ensuring the safety of the driver's life and property. When the braking performance of a car is reduced and brake shoes need to be replaced, it is equally important to choose the right brake shoes and an excellent maintenance shop. Four main parameters need to be considered when choosing brake shoes, which are directly related to the quality of the brake shoes and also affect the actual use effect and safety. Here are some of them.

Here is the content list:

  • Friction coefficient

  • High-temperature resistance

  • Wear resistance

  • Suitability

  • Observe the packaging

Friction coefficient

The coefficient of friction is not the greater the better, but it should not be too small either. It directly affects the braking force of the brake pad and is directly related to the feeling of braking, which is a mandatory requirement of the state itself. If the coefficient of friction is too high, the brake shoes will cause the wheels to lock up and drive out of control; if the coefficient of friction is too small, the braking effect will be poor and the braking distance will be too long, which is also unsafe.

High-temperature resistance

During the braking process, the temperature of the brake pad will rise and the friction performance will decrease, but if the friction performance decreases sharply, then it is difficult to ensure brake safety. The current national standard has very clear regulations on the coefficient of friction of brake shoes at both room temperature and high temperature. Under normal circumstances, at 200°C, the brake pad friction coefficient cannot be reduced to less than 0.2.

Wear resistance

Brake shoes have an ideal coefficient of friction and are also very resistant to high temperatures, but after a few uses, a normal 1.5cm pad is thinned to less than 1.0, which is poor wear resistance and short service life and is not an ideal brake pad. The wear resistance of brake shoes has a lot to do with the material and production process of the brake shoes. At present, most of the more desirable and cost-effective brake shoes on the market are made from new ceramic materials, although carbon fiber and cast-iron brake shoes are also available on the market, the former being too expensive and the latter too poor.


Brake shoes with excellent performance and a good reputation in production trials, but when fitted to a new car, they suffer from brake judder, odor, noise, and so on. This means that the brake shoes are not suitable for the vehicle in question, as they are not compatible with the discs or calipers.

Observe the packaging

In addition, when replacing brake shoes, it is best to check the manufacturer and packaging of the pads in person. The packaging can be different from the fine ones, but for a strong manufacturer, the printed text on the packaging must be clear and have its trademark and factory address, etc.

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