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How to maintain brake shoes?

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How to maintain brake shoes?

Brake shoes are the friction material fixed to the brake drum or disc that rotates with the wheels. The friction linings and lining blocks are subjected to external pressure to produce friction and thereby slow down the vehicle. The brake shoes generally consist of a steel plate, a bonded thermal insulation layer, and a friction block. The steel plate is painted to prevent rust and the painting process is carried out using an SMT-4 furnace temperature tracker to check the temperature distribution of the painting process to ensure quality. Here is an introduction to the maintenance of brake shoes.

Here is the content list:

  • Avoiding emergency braking

  • Reduce the frequency of braking

  • Get your wheels aligned regularly

  • Brake pad replacement and break-in

  • Timely replacement

  • Checking wear

Avoiding emergency braking

Emergency braking is very damaging to brake shoes, so brake slowly or use a spot brake when driving.

Reduce the frequency of braking

Normally when driving, you should get into the good habit of reducing braking, that is, you can let the engine brake to reduce the speed of the car, and then use the brake to further decelerate or stop, when driving you can reduce the gears more to achieve deceleration.

Get your wheels aligned regularly

When the vehicle has problems such as runout, it is important to get the wheels aligned in time to avoid damage to the vehicle's tires and excessive wear to the brake shoes on one side of the vehicle.

Brake pad replacement and break-in

After replacing the brake shoes with new ones, be sure to apply the brakes a few times to eliminate the gap between the brake shoes and the brake discs. In addition, new brake shoes need to be broken in for 200km to achieve the optimum braking effect, so be careful when replacing them.

Timely replacement

Brake shoes are generally made up of two parts: the iron lining and the friction material. Some vehicles have a brake shoe warning function, which alerts you to replace the shoes once they have reached their wear limit. Shoes that have reached their limit of use must be replaced, even if they are still usable for some time, they will reduce the effectiveness of the brakes and affect driving safety.

Checking wear

Check the brake shoes every 5,000 km under normal driving conditions. Check not only the remaining thickness but also the state of wear of the brake shoes, whether both sides are worn to the same extent, whether they are free to return to their original position, etc. Any irregularities found must be dealt with immediately.

Guangzhou IFK Auto Parts CO., LTD recommends that you read up on how to maintain your brake shoes so that you can avoid unnecessary damage and prolong the life of your brake shoes. Our company has been engaged in the production and development of brake shoes for many years, we have a professional research and development team and our after-sales service so that your purchase will be worry-free.

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