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How to replace and inspect Semi-metallic Brake pads

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How to replace and inspect Semi-metallic Brake pads

Semi-metallic Brake pads are brake pads made of metal fibers (may contain other fibers). This is currently the most widely used product with stable performance and moderate price. Do you know how often Semi-metallic Brake pads are changed? Generally speaking, the replacement cycle of front brake pads is 30,000 kilometers, and the replacement cycle of rear brake pads is 60,000 kilometers. Different models may have slight differences. Next, let's take a look at the replacement and inspection methods of Semi-metallic Brake pads. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • How to replace Semi-metallic Brake pads?

  • Inspection method of Semi-metallic Brake pads.

How to replace Semi-metallic Brake pads?

First, loosen the handbrake, and loosen the hub screws of the wheels that need to be replaced (note that you should loosen it, do not loosen it completely). Use a jack to jack up the car. Then remove the tires. Before applying the brakes, it is best to spray a special brake cleaning fluid on the brake system to prevent the powder from entering the respiratory tract and affecting health. Second, remove the screws of the brake calipers (for some cars, just unscrew one of them, and then loosen the other one). Third, hang the brake calipers with a rope to avoid damage to the brake pipeline. Then remove the old Semi-metallic Brake pads. Fourth, use the c-type caliper to push the brake piston back to the deepest point. (Please note that before this step, lift the hood and unscrew the cover of the brake fluid box, because when the brake piston is pushed up, the level of brake fluid will rise accordingly). Install new brake pads. Fifth, put the brake calipers back, and tighten the caliper screws to the required torque. Put the tire back, and tighten the wheel hub screw slightly. Sixth, put down the jack and tighten the wheel hub screws thoroughly. Seventh, because in the process of changing Semi-metallic Brake pads, we pushed the brake piston to the innermost side, and it was very empty when we first stepped on the brakes. It will be fine after a few consecutive steps.

Two inspection methods for Semi-metallic Brake pads.

Listen to the sound

If you lightly tap the brakes and are accompanied by the "iron rubbing iron" or screaming (it may also be caused by the running-in of the Semi-metallic Brake pads at the beginning of the installation), then the Semi-metallic Brake pads must be replaced immediately.

By foot

If it feels very difficult to step on, you often need to step on the brakes deeper to achieve the previous braking effect, or you will feel the pedal position is low when you take emergency braking, then it may be that the Semi-metallic Brake pads have lost friction. It must be replaced at this time.

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