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How to solve the noise of low metal brake pads?

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How to solve the noise of low metal brake pads?

The more common brake system is the brake noise, a fault that many car owners have encountered. The noise of low metal brake pads generally occurs when the brakes are applied while the vehicle is moving, and the brake system will emit a sharp metal friction sound, which often occurs after rain. Our company has been working on solving the noise problem since the process design of low metal brake pads. Here are some measures.

Here is the content list:

  • Screening formula

  • Changing the shape of the friction material

  • Change the material structure

  • Further increase of auxiliary materials for noise reduction

Screening formula

Through thousands of formula blends and a lot of experimental data, we screened out a formula with the good braking performance, low thermal expansion, long service life, low wear on the disc, qualified compression, stable braking at high temperature, low ash fall, low noise, and environmentally friendly materials, and this is the original low metal brake pad for this car. As you can see, the formula needs to be filtered out.

Changing the shape of the friction material

Slotting, double slotting, chamfering, asymmetric angle, beveling, etc. are all to change the frequency of the friction material and reduce the chance of resonance of low metal brake pads. See here, you are a little confused feeling: slotted and chamfered original design ah, is to change the frequency and not to scrape the gray or make what the flow of the slot.

Change the material structure

A good damping material can block the transmission of noise. Near the steel backing plate of the low metal brake pad, there is a special material of 2 mm thickness, which is designed to insulate and damp the transmission of sound. This process, however, will increase the production cost of the product and reduce the production efficiency but will improve the quality of the product.

Further increase of auxiliary materials for noise reduction

Through the formula screening, material frequency adjustment, after adding special damping materials, the chances of noise are very low. When the noise still occurs, to maximize the chance of noise reduction, we finally cover the low metal brake pad steel backing with a layer of damping material, which is often seen as the sound deadening pad. The original muffler is a multi-layer rubber and iron pressed into the car factory, with a better damping effect, but the cost is too high. We use this good sound deadening piece for the original car, but the aftermarket price is too high to sell, so we can only use an ordinary steel piece instead for visual needs.

Guangzhou IFK Auto Parts CO., LTD provides superior braking performance for all makes and models of vehicles. Our durable, low metal brake pads provide higher braking power, reduced rotor wear, and low dust, making them perfect for upgrading from traditional brake pads. Our company has a professional research and development team, and the quality of all our products is guaranteed. If you are interested, you can contact us.

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