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How to solve the noise problem of Organic Brake pads?

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How to solve the noise problem of Organic Brake pads?

Organic Brake pads are also called brake pads. In the car's braking system, Organic Brake pads are the most critical safety parts. The brake pads play a decisive role in the effectiveness of all braking. But sometimes the noise problem of Organic Brake pads is very troublesome, so how to solve the noise problem of Organic Brake pads? Let's take a look together next.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Conduct experiment

  • To filter Organic Brake pads

Conduct experiment

The car factory will provide the disc, brake caliper, claw horn, and other assembly parts of the original car. The technician designs the formula. Each time a formula is completed, it needs to simulate various braking states, step on the brakes 7000 times, and the maximum experimental temperature must reach 500 degrees Celsius.  Obtain various experimental data, including noise conditions. 7000 times of braking, only one test of the performance of Organic Brake pads formula, a mature formula may need to be deployed thousands of times, then you need to do thousands of times on the bench X7000 times = millions of brake experiments, guess, how long is this cycle? How high is the cost? After a complete experiment, 7000 brakes require approximately 15 working days for the experiment bench. In an experiment, 7000 times of brakes only cost tens of thousands of yuan in electricity. This is the formula development process of Organic Brake pads.

To filter Organic Brake pads

Through thousands of formulations of Organic Brake pads and a large amount of experimental data, we have selected one with the good braking performance, low thermal expansion rate, long service life, low disc wear, qualified compressibility, stable braking at high temperature, and less dust. A formula with low noise and environmental protection comes out. These are the original Organic Brake pads prepared for this car. Did you see that the formula was filtered out, with low noise, just one of the nine indicators? A good brake pad requires all nine indicators to be good to achieve maximum optimization.

Our brake pads are specially designed to reduce braking noise and effectively eliminate noise, vibration, and roughness (NVH). The innovative ceramic braking technology of IFK Ceramic Brake Pads provides ultra-quiet and smooth braking performance under various driving conditions and weather conditions. Our durable ceramic brake pads are durable, can provide higher braking force, reduce rotor wear, and low dust, making it the perfect choice for upgrading from traditional brake pads. The above is about how to solve the noise problem of Organic Brake pads. I believe that Organic Brake pads have a more consistent pedal feel, excellent heat dissipation, and superior fading resistance, excellent initial effect, shorter running-in period, etc. Excellent features can impress you. If you are interested in Organic Brake pads, you can contact us and we will provide you with equipment to experience. Our website is I look forward to your coming and hope to cooperate with you.

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