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Introduction of Non-asbestos Brake pads

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Introduction of Non-asbestos Brake pads

Non-asbestos Brake pads mainly use glass fiber, aromatic polycarbonate, or other fibers (carbon, ceramic, etc.) as reinforcement materials, and their performance mainly depends on the type of fiber and other additives. So what are Non-asbestos Brake pads? Next, let us learn more about it based on its information.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Non-asbestos Brake pads have high friction

  • Non-asbestos Brake pads have a long service life

Non-asbestos Brake pads have high friction

Non-asbestos Brake pads are mainly developed as a substitute for asbestos, used in brake drums or brake shoes, but recently they are also beginning to be tried as a substitute for front disc brake pads. In terms of performance, Non-asbestos Brake pads are closer to asbestos brake pads than semi-metal brake pads. It does not have good thermal conductivity and good high-temperature controllability like semi-metal brake pads. How does the new NAO raw material compare with asbestos brake pads? A typical asbestos-based friction material contains five to seven basic mixtures, which include asbestos fibers for reinforcement, a variety of additives, and adhesives, such as linseed oil, resin, benzene, and resin.

In comparison, the Non-asbestos Brake pads friction material contains about 17 different types of roller compound materials, because removing asbestos cannot be equivalent to simply replacing a substitute, but a large number of mixtures are needed to ensure braking performance and make It is equal to or exceeds the braking effect of asbestos friction block.

Non-asbestos Brake pads have a long service life

The material of Non-asbestos Brake pads has undergone several changes. The current Non-asbestos Brake pads material has effectively surpassed the performance of asbestos brake pads in many aspects, mainly in terms of anti-friction performance and noise.

Of course, the standard should be determined first, because only in this way can any new friction material formulation be tested. These specifications should include friction performance, fatigue resistance, temperature adaptability, wear resistance, and noise. The better the friction material, the better the friction performance of the friction block under different temperatures and pressures will be maintained. In other words, its performance should not change much at low or high temperatures. The better the friction material, the less likely it is that the brake will shrink after repeated braking, which keeps the "brake pedal feel" good. Better materials will also reduce wear and noise. The previous Non-asbestos Brake pads only met some of the requirements, but now they have fully met. Today's Non-asbestos Brake pads have a significantly longer service life than asbestos brake pads, and it also helps to extend the service life of brake drums and brake discs.

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