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Introduction of Semi-metallic Brake pads

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Introduction of Semi-metallic Brake pads

Automobile brake pads are mainly divided into the following categories: asbestos brake pads (basically eliminated), Semi-metallic Brake pads, less metal brake pads, NAO formula brake pads, ceramic brake pads, NAO ceramic brake pads. Automobile brake pads are divided into types: brake pads for disc brakes, brake shoes for drum brakes, and brake pads for large trucks. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of Semi-metallic Brake pads. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • What are Semi-metallic Brake pads?

  • Choose Semi-metallic Brake pads for regular driving.

  • Replacement of Semi-metallic Brake pads.

What are Semi-metallic Brake pads?

Semi-metallic Brake pads are generally composed of steel plate, adhesive heat insulation layer, and friction block. The plate should be painted to stop rust. The SMT-4 chamber temperature hunter is employed to notice the temperature distribution throughout the coating method to confirm quality. The warmth insulation layer consists of materials that don't transfer heat, and also the purpose is to heat insulation. The friction block consists of the friction material and adhesive and is squeezed on the brake disc or cylinder to get friction throughout braking, to realize the aim of decelerating and braking the vehicle. because of friction, the friction block can bit by bit be tired. Generally speaking, the lower the cost of Semi-metallic Brake pads, the faster they will wear out.

Choose Semi-metallic Brake pads for regular driving.

Choose Semi-metallic Brake pads for regular driving. Semi-metallic Brake pads are often an all-around choice for commuter vehicles, and the price is very reasonable. Most new cars are equipped with semi-metal pads or shoes, as these are recommended by car manufacturers. Even vehicles with rotors made of harder metals can withstand semi-metal gaskets well. However, if you often use your vehicle to perform more heavy tasks, such as pulling a trailer up a mountain road, you may best choose high-end all-metal or ceramic brake pads. In other words, you need to carefully consider your regular driving conditions and how much pressure should be applied to the fracture when choosing the correct brake pad material. This is a safety issue.

Replacement of Semi-metallic Brake pads.

The replacement of Semi-metallic Brake pads depends on how long your pads have been used in your car life. Generally, Semi-metallic Brake pads need to be replaced if you have a distance of more than 80,000 kilometers. However, if you hear friction from your wheels, no matter how much mileage you have, you should replace the brake pads. If you are not sure how many kilometers you have traveled, you may go to a store that replaces the pads for free, buy Semi-metallic Brake pads from them or install them at a car service shop.

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