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Performance of Ceramic Brake Pads

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Performance of Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic Brake pads have very low thermal attenuation. Despite the first-generation ceramic merchandise of M09 material or the fourth-generation Ceramic restraint of TD58, it will still make sure that the vehicle includes a smart braking performance to make sure safety, and therefore the thermal attenuation of the restraint is tiny. Next, let's take a look at the performance of Ceramic Brake pads. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Safety of Ceramic Brake pads.

  • The comfort of Ceramic Brake pads.

  • Ceramic Brake pads have an extended service life.

Safety of Ceramic Brake pads.

The brake pads will generate instantaneous high temperature when braking, especially when driving at high speed or when braking in an emergency. Within the high-temperature state, the friction constant of the friction plate can decrease, which is termed thermal decay. Ordinary brake pads that have low thermal decay, high-temperature conditions, and increased brake oil temperature during emergency braking will delay the braking and even lose the braking effect. The safety factor is low. And Ceramic Brake pads will not have this kind of problem.

The comfort of Ceramic Brake pads.

Among comfort indicators, car owners are often most concerned about the noise of Ceramic Brake pads. Noise is additionally a drag that normal constraints cannot solve for an extended time. The noise is caused by abnormal friction between the friction plate and also the friction disc. The explanations for its generation area unit are sophisticated. The braking force, the temperature of the brake disc, the speed of the vehicle, and also the climatic conditions could all be the explanations for the noise. Additionally, the causes of noise within the 3 completely different stages of brake begin brake implementation, and brake unharness area unit completely different. If the noise frequency is between 0 and 550 Hz, it will not be felt in the car, but if it exceeds 800 Hz, the car owner can feel the braking noise.

Ceramic Brake pads have an extended service life.

Service life is an indicator that everyone pays great attention to. The service life of ordinary brake pads is below 60,000 kilometers, while the service life of Ceramic Brake pads is more than 100,000 kilometers. That's because the unique formula material used in Ceramic Brake pads only has 1 or 2 kinds of electrostatic powder, and therefore the different materials area unit non-static materials so that the powder is detached by the wind with the movement of the vehicle and can not stick. the looks are affected on the wheel hub. The appearance is affected on the wheel hub. The life of ceramic materials is more than 50% longer than that of ordinary semi-metals. After using Ceramic Brake pads, there will be no scratches (scratches) on the brake disc, which extends the service life of the original car's brake disc by 20%.

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